Therapy in Salon by Estemio ( Manicure Therapy )
Therapy in salon by estemio is a product line for Therapy In Salons that contains freshness of nature and elegance. it's made of natural origin moisturizing and nutritional ingredients that not only moisturize and soften skin but also help in relaxation with its natural signature scent. 

Hand & Body Scrub  

Contains 4 type of therapeutic ingredients with luxurious scent for scrubbing dry and scaly skin 

 -Natural sugar and walnut shells scrub off skin softly 

 -Revitalizes dull skin with 4 types of green therapeutic ingredients 

Hand & Body Lotion  

Moisturizing lotion made with botanical butter and plant-derived natural ingredients

 -Contains botanical butter (shea, avocado)

 -Plant-derived natural ingredients calm dull skin

 -Hand & body lotion for all skin types

Hand & Nail Oil Serum

Non-sticky light and refreshing oil serum

 -Smooth and light finish

 -Various oil ingredients condition and moisturize skin 

 -Hand & nail oil serum protects skin from hazardous air 

Therapy in Salon by Estemio ( Pedicure therapy )
ESTEMIO therapy in salon makes you feel the fresh morning dew and clean air through the walking in the forest. Our products are formulated from the natural ingredient which nourishes and moisturizes the skin as well as soften skin.Enjoy the natural herbal and floral fragrance and relax your body. 

Therapy Foot Softner

Melting the thick callus on the heel and soles by foam. Professional Foot softener.

 -ingredient of urea protects the layer of skin's surface and connote oil helps to

reduce skin irritation also soften the callus smoothly.

Therapy Foot & Body Scrub

Our scrub blends walnut shell powder and natural sugar to help to remove callus and death skin on your feet and body.

 -4different types of green therapy ingredient soothe your skin.

 -Natural walnut shell powder and sugar exfoliate callus and dead skin cells to promote healthy and younger looking skin of your feet and body.

Therapy Foot Balm

Light texture and boost moisture level by Therapy foot balm.

 -Therapy in salon foot balm has a light texture and permeate to the feet, smoothly.

 urea that softens, repairs dry and cracked feet.


ESTEMIO Pink Hardener

- Vitamin E moisturizes dried-out nails
- Panthenol provides moisture and nutrients to cracked nails
- Peptide renews and revitalize nail health
- Amino acids revitalize dried-out nails   

estemio pink hardener provides healthy energy with healthy ingredients to cracked and broken nails that need a break from continuous nail treatment. 

Two colors given two different looks that users can choose from upon your preferences.light pink color gives calm and clean look while hot pink color gives living look. 


ESTEMIO Pink Saver

- Contains CRYSTEIN for recovering protein structures

- Contains PANTHENOL for moisturizing and recovery

- Contains all natural BERRY INGREDIENTS 

It gives nutrition to weakened nails from frequent gel nail applications, dry and brittle nails as well as cracked nails from lack of nutrition.