Japan's FIRST-CLASS Professional Hair-Care,Nobel Prized and  Ranked the Best Treatment & Perm in Japan's top salon. It's also the first professional hair treatment to replenish lost keratin and interlocks them using the patented technology “‘INKARAMI”

(Aggregation of hair bond) , and seals up the hair cuticle by replenishing the lost CMC.

INKARAMI objective is to restore damaged hair back to the healthy condition, allowing hair to regain strength ,shine ,silkiness and moisture! 


 Aveda specialises in hair care and cosmetics made from naturally derived ingredients. These high standards have made Aveda a pioneer in the green cosmetics world. Today more than 90% of Aveda essential oils and 89% of its raw herbal ingredients are certified organic.

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 All ESTEMIO products are made with safe cosmetic ingredients in Korea food and Drug Administration. Base on jewelry as a motif, a snail bottle covered with women's elegance and beauty.