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Tokio Inkarami is a leading system treatment which uses patented technology “INKARAMI” to repair damaged hair. It restores the original healthy hair with up to a 40% improvement using the help of Nobel Prize award ingredient, Fullerene. To-date, it has the highest repair performance and appeals to consumers not only in Japan but all around the world.

Tokio Inkarami is capable of achieving the most successful and long-lasting result thanks to the patented technology INKARAMI and Fullerene, a Nobel Prize award ingredient. It is the only hair treatment that promises to leave your hair shinier, smoother, softer and stronger.

Tokio inkarami

Beyond the superficial repair works, Tokio Inkarami’s patented technology INKARAMI targets the Cortex (middle layer) of the hair. It goes deep within the hair structure to repair and replenish lost Keratin from within. A stronger Cortex can be achieved from this process which leads to healthier and stronger hair.
Tokio Inkarami is also the first and only treatment to use Fullerene, an antioxidant which protects hair against UV and other heat damages. This is why it is widely known as the “Ferrari” of hair treatments.


TOKIO SPA INKARAMI TREATMENT brings the world's leading TOKIO INKARAMI SALON SYSTEM to provide a unique “dual care” of both scalp and hair at the same time.


We focus on the fact that the common deterioration problem is "Dryness"- dryness of both the scalp and hair. Dryness leads to an unrelenting downward spiral effect in damage and we have clarified that "super moisturizing" is the key to improving this condition



TOKIO SPA INKARAMI TREATMENT is capable of establishing an improvement in both the scalp and hair condition at the same time, providing a higher quality finish. This is achieved by combining the highest grade of “Moisturizing” technology together with Japan’s patented technology INKARAMI.


With the “dual care” treatment, customer’s problems and worries are eliminated.  


We are pleased to propose our latest “dual care” salon service:


Improves the condition of the scalp by using an organic cleansing ingredient (soap nut extract) to clean the scalp and thoroughly moisturize with Hyaluronic acid and water-soluble collagen.

Ingredients: Butea Superba root extract / Soap nut extract / Hyaluronic acid / water-soluble collagen

Ingredients: Butea Superba root extract / Soap nut extract / Hyaluronic acid / water-soluble collagen'

As a foundation for INKARAMI to replenish keratin into hair

Ingredients: Waterfowl down & feather keratin / Gemini type amino acid / Fullerene
Building up hair core by INKARAMI reaction.
Ingredients: Keratin amino acid / Meadowfoam-lactone / Fullerene
Replenish oil to the hair layer, building hair texture.
Ingredients: Ceramide NG / Hydrolyzed collagen / Fullerene





HEAD SPA  series  that  thoroyghly pursues the "double care" of both scalp and hair. A home spa shampoo and treatment that provides care for damaged hair and a finish that looks just like haircare at the salon.

This is achieved by the patented technology of INKARAMI and improvement to the condition of the scalp through thorough moisturizing and promotion of blood circulation. 

It gives a texture to the hair that is light and smooth to the touch and its effects on the scalp and the lift it gives to the hair from the roots have enabled it to become the strongest daily care that has ever existed in SPA treatment. 

TOKIO INAKRAMI Shampoo are Non-silicon hypoallergenic betaine shampoo with a high content of natural ingredients. It improves the condition of the scalp with its anti-inflammatory action and has an excellent moisturizing effect for both the scalp and hair. It gives a refreshing wash to the hair with abundant lather containing menthol.

When used in combination with TOKIO IE SPA TREATMENT, reactive keratin is interlocked in the hair. This promotes the continuous repair of damaged hair and sustains salon care effect.

The scent of lemongrass (essential oil) with a relaxing effect.


Excellent haircare results are shown with this shampoo and treatment that has the highest level of repairing power created by the synergistic effects of the blended components with the patented technology of INKARAMI.

It produces a unique texture that combines a soft and moisturised feel, and leads to a good finish with luster and manageability that completely transforms the hair. Furthermore, it improves the smooth feel of the cuticle by the out-bath mist from the original formulation in the "OUTKARAMI ingredients", and gives plenty of moisture right to the tips of the hair.